Update! What you say?

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Good news, less good news and bad news. Lets go in less to most good order.

Bad news:
Love the rules. Like the model. Hate every paint job he ends up with. He got stripped…again. This time one of the cats got ahold of the pieces while they were drying and now that piece is gone. I could order a replacement part, but that would run me about $10 after shipping. I could buy a new one for about $12(less if I decide to not support my shop). I’m getting a group to make a parts order, but I won’t be getting the replacement part until after the challenge ends.
With that time frame in mind I’d like to switch to Mordikaar. If so few people still contributing I’d hope this wouldn’t be a problem.

Less good news:
There are no pictures of the Totem Hunter or Orin Midwinter. My camera died while I was taking pictures. I hope to fix this problem soon.

The Good News:
Barring the Warlock 500 points is done.
Quality is a bit variable, but the figures are painted. One still needs its base blackened, but it is painted. Most need basing, and some touch ups due to rough transport, but the figures are painted. The army is sub-optimal, but it is painted.

The army 500 points:
Void Seer Mordikaar
Basilisk Krea
Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Savage
Molik Karn
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Totem Hunter
Paingiver Beast Handlers x6

Hopefully this link will work….



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OK, so I still haven’t put up pictures of my painted 350, and here we are at the end of the 500 point list, of which I will be working on tomorrow. I have a lot of things close, but was distracted by the Shadowhorn this last week. While the model isn’t on the list to get done, I just have to do the highlights and base and it will be done. I won’t work on him tomorrow (he has to ‘season’). I have the Stoneward and Woldstalkers and a Woldwatcher inked and ready for highlights, Cheech and Chong (swamp gobber bellows crew) to finish basecoating, then ink and highlight.

When I locate my camera again, I will load up the pictures of what I have done. I have also decided on the next 250 points, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I am pretty excited about Moshar coming out in June (as well as the Bastions!) since he will be my second ‘caster going into the 1K points realm.

I hope everyone else is doing well, hopefully May has not been as hectic as April was. I am very glad the MK II field test is over, now we just wait it out and see what Privateer gives us in January…..

brother scott

Still alive!

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I’m still in this, not sure if anyone else is since there hasn’t been any posts in about 2 weeks. I’ve been busy, but I’ve gotten my 500 list ready since upgrading from 350.

Magnus- Painted

–Mangler – pinned partly assembled (for painting reasons)/primed

–Renegade – primed

–Renegade – needs to be built

Dirty Meg – Painted

–Nomad – Painted

7 Stealhead Halb. – Assembled (pinned-omg these are retarded to build)/primed

Piper of Ord – Primed.


this is the list I planned, i’m pretty sure it’s accurate (i dont have the cards in front of me and i’m exhausted). But i’m doing my best to have the steelheads and piper done by this weekend, and possibly the first Renegade.


Cheers for now,  hope to see some updates from everyone else! don’t give up!!!



Alright, so where does that leave us?

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Hey guys (and gal). As the title suggests, I think most of us were unable to fulfill our goals for April. So where would you like to go from here? Personally I don’t mind pressing on, and I know I can catch up by the end of this month, but I don’t know where the rest of you are sitting. Anyways, I’d like to keep the group together as it’s nice to have feedback from other good painters outside of the forums.

So what are the rest of you going to do?


Close… but we know that only counts with…

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I got close for the April goal – closer than I had expected actually, but close to done is still fail, just not epic fail 🙂

Driller is half done, Highshields are done, Lug is done – Brun has some paint but pretty minor, and Durgen just has the shadows done.

I work w/unemployed folks -as I’ve mentioned- and I just spent too much time at work, then come home and give my pregnant wife attention = not much paint time, unfortunately.

Nice to see I wasn’t alone in the goal shortage department 🙂

April goals…

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I failed to meet the April goal.
Fortunately it seems as though I’m in good company in my failure.

April started off good, got a couple beasts done, paint removed from the models in need. Then I hit the Praetorian wall.
Praetorian Swordsmen suck. I know this and have long put off painting them for this reason. However, when setting them out to begin painting I had an odd thought; why only do 10+UA? I have 18(two 8 man squads +UA) might as well go ahead and paint them all so they’ll all match. To whatever entity I offended enough to implant such a thought into my mind; I’m sorry. I don;t know what I did to deserve such, but I’m sure I’m sorry for it.

I don’t know if it was the amount of Praetorian armors, the amount of going back to clean up my mistakes or something else that broke my motivation to paint, but broke it did.

Several days passed with the in progress models just sitting on the table mocking my with their incompleteness. Try as I might I could not work up the will to put paint to pewter. In an attempt to jumpstart my desire to paint I took on some commissions(Ayiana and Holt and eMagnus) the money would insure those models got finished and, hopefully, the paint would begin flowing onto my Skorne again. It almost worked.

Suitably defeated by the Praetorians I amended my planned 350 list Paingivers and Orin went quickly. Then came Hexeris. The month was drawing to a close and I knew it would be difficult for me to finish him to a standard I would be happy with, but I decided to try. Sadly the weight of other models in the Super Clean bath had damaged his polearm, so I decided to pin it. My dremel skills proved insignificant to the task and I have warped his hand slightly. Likely once he is finished I’ll be one of the few to notice it. Upset I sat him aside and next thing I know it is May, and I failed to meat my goal.

Pictures of what has been done will be coming as soon as my camera is returned from me.
Updated army goals soon.

April Results

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So I got some of the models for my 350 done, but didn’t manage to finish all the models, partly due to changing the list mid-month due to Mk II.  I did get some of it finished, so I’m going to plug on and try to finish the last couple minis along with the few for the 500 this month.